Organic sea buckthorn, grown with love
Despre cătină
About the Sea Buckthorn
An organic crop created out of our love for quality and health

Out of the desire to bring a valuable source of health to Romania, we birthed the Sallofrux division, dedicated to farming organic sea buckthorn at the highest standards.

Known for its therapeutic qualities, sea buckthorn is used to treat and alleviate a great deal of ailments. Its value in the industries of pharmaceutics, nutrition, therapy and cosmetics comes from its immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory, healing and antioxidant properties.

A rich and exceptionally freeze-resistant shrub of pure variety, with a high yield.
The production potential is 15.3 tons/hectare in the third year and up to 22.5 tons/hectare in the fifth year.
The berries are big and yellowish-orange in color, and the harvesting period is the second half of August.
Properties: 78g/100 berries, vit. C 340mg%, carotene 3.9mg%, total oil 4.8%.
The berries of this variety are considered to be of exceptional quality.
The annual harvest size is 12.2 tons/hectare in the third year, reaching 18.1 tons/hectare in the fifth year, and harvesting is during the first half of September.
The berries are incredibly flavored, and have an intense reddish-orange color.
Properties: 78g/100 berries, vit. C 340mg%, carotene 3.9mg%, total oil 4.8%.
It grows in the shape of a tree whose foliage is light and has an exceptional regenerative capacity.
This variety yields a harvest of 14.7 tons/hectare in the third year, and up to 23.1 tons/hectare in the fifth year.
Harvesting is automated, and the berries are big and have an intense yellowish-orange color.
Properties: 64g/100 berries, vit. C 380mg%, carotene 12.84mg%, total oil 6.2%.
We are constantly
growing our harvest
Corylacea JV S.R.L is a certified organic crop

CertRom (an accredited entity in the domain of accreditation) certify that Corylacea JV S.R.L is an organic crop: the fruit grows naturally and healthily.

We use state-of-the-art technology to preserve the quality of the fruit
Storage Hall
In order to store the sea buckthorn under the best conditions, we have built a 1029sqm storage hall, equipped with the most advanced machinery.
Irrigation system
The modern irrigation system ensures that the plants are always given the water supply they need in order to grow healthily.
Preserving the sea buckthorn
Our hall is equipped with the latest cryogenics utilities. It takes us up to 16 hours to freeze the fruit from the moment of harvest.
The sea buckthorn is a natural source of health, and its properties make it extremely valuable. It strengthens the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and scar-healing effects.
Rich in vitamins, the sea buckthorn has many benefits for the human body and is used on a large scale in the cosmetic industry since it is ten times richer in vitamin C than citrus fruit, and also has vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, K, P, F.
Thanks to the benefits of sea buckthorn, it is used to prepare a great variety of foods and can bring some health into any diet.
Sea buckthorn is rich in vitamins and nutrients: this means health for the entire body. The extraordinary properties of the berries are extracted and used in massage oils.
Where to find us

The sea buckthorn crops are located in the Lipova hillside.
We kindly expect you there, or invite you to reach us by phone or e-mail.

Lipova hillside
Arad, Romania
+40 722 115 583
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